Surging Drum & Bass Artist Keeno Unveils Pensive EP, "COURAGE"

After an impressive set of solos that expertly showcased his distinct skill at combining orchestral elements with drum and bass, Keeno unveiled his new EP,COURAGE.

COURAGE finds Keeno embarking on an exciting hero’s journey through six auditory stories that comprise his most intimate work to date. The acclaimed artist spent 10 years under the renowned Hospital Records labelandCOURAGE marks his first independent release under his newly launched imprint, Keeno Music.

Singing and playing the clarinet, piano and guitar, Keeno has a strong musical background. Throughout COURAGEhe combines all his influences into a cohesive drum & bass adventure, aided by a talented cast of collaborators.

Diandra Faye’s beautiful vocals on the EP’s soft opener, “Hypnotized,” introduce her happy sonics before the titular “Courage,” a song that represents Keeno’s leap of faith to quit university to pursue a career in music. This track captivates us with its emotional strings and groovy breakbeats.

“Lose” alongside Fæ Vie transitions from hopeful chords to a haunting harmony, leading perfectly into “Frenzy” with violinist Vio.let. The group’s hardest song, “Frenzy” perfectly encapsulates the feelings of despair and isolation Keeno has been experiencing throughout the global pandemic with its bleak chords and rumbling low end. He tied a bow COURAGEwith “Lights On” and “Colours Of Your Heart” to complete the sonic journey on a great note.

“One of my proudest achievements is that I always write music for myself, and not to please an audience. ‘Colours Of Your Heart’ describes the feeling of accomplishment when a musical is completed project that fits my vision. I’ve gone through the process of feeling creative non-stop, looking for new inspiration,” Keeno revealed.

“I wrote ‘Colours Of Your Heart’ when I felt completely in touch with myself,” he continued. “This is me and my music comes from the heart. I want others to have this feeling as much as possible, which is what inspired me to start the Courage project.

The spirit of the EP is reflected in a stunning DJ set at the top of the mountains of Andorra, produced, shot and edited by SSN Production and directed by Keeno himself. Out via UKF on Air, by Keeno COURAGE The DJ’s set was recorded as part of the Mountain Bass Experience, a five-day drum & bass event in the snow.

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