Survivor Honors Selected Actor Who Died in Car Crash

Garduño and González died after an accident that occurred while they were traveling from Santa Rosalía to the local airport. Six others — including two other cast and four crew — were injured but remained strong, E! The news was confirmed.

Albelda was one of the survivors. According to The deadline, he sustained a head injury due to the accident and he does not remember the trip to the airport, but he just woke up in the ambulance. However, he described the setup of the car.

“Inside the van, the setup is for three rows for passengers behind the driver and passenger seat in the front,” Albelda said. “I usually sit in the second row, and believe I was sitting there when the accident happened. I understand Paco and Ray were sitting in different rows, at the end near the sliding door of the van. I was told by the van. Turned around several times and the sliding door opened.My guess based on what I was told was that [without seatbelts]Paco and Ray were expelled. ”

Albelda noticed that the van had seatbelts.

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