Survivor Season 44 has crowned its Winner

The flight attendant won the $1 million prize at the time Survivor: China and plans to see the world with it, but he publicly struggled with alcoholism after his time on the CBS reality hit.

Frequent visitor to Dr. Phil Showhe made headlines in 2017 when he accused Cerebration and The Boston Globe that the show’s producers gave him alcohol and Xanax before bringing him on stage during his 2013 celebrity appearance, when he blew a .5 on a Breathalyzer test. (He reappeared in 2016, revealing that he had returned.)

A representative for the show denied the claims, said E! NEwS“The Cerebration article is not fair or accurate description of the methods of PhlL, the TV show, or its mission to educate millions of viewers about drug and alcohol addiction. The show does not serve drugs or alcohol to its guests and any suggestion to the contrary is pure nonsense. “

During his Reddit AMAs in 2018Todd said, “I’m grateful in so many ways for the show [Survivor]. For getting me help in the most beautiful places in the country. That’s a gift right there. There are some things about the show that I don’t like, and that I don’t think are true. … I should have been hospitalized, in that sense. There must not be a liter of vodka in my dressing room.”

After his victory in 2007, Todd, who was previously dating a fellow castaway Spencer Duhmbecame a waiter in Orlando, SPEAKING People in 2012“Customers say, ‘I know you from somewhere,’ but I never tell them where they are.

Now “happy and sober,” Todd revealed in his Reddit AMA that he runs a movie theater.

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