Suspect208 (Band Featuring Sons of Slash, Robert Trujillo) Break up

Suspect208 – the young rock band with sons in Guns N ‘Roses’ Slash and Metallica’s Robert Trujillo, and in a short time, the son of the later singer Stone Temple Pilots Scott Weiland – this is called stopping. The group’s short ride was a turbulent one that was met with some trials and tribulations by their father’s famous bands.

With a lineup of Noah Weiland on vocals, London Hudson (son of Slash) on drums, Tye Trujillo on bass, and Niko Tsangaris on guitar, Suspect208 got off to a great start. they released their debut single, the hard -hitting “Long Awaited”, in November, and met it with a positive response, garnering more than a million hits on YouTube.

The band followed that up with a greater reliance on pop “All black” in December, but at the start of the new year, they announced that they already had separate part of Weiland because of a “dark path to drug use.”

Weiland was replaced by singer Cody Houston, and the band released two more singles, “Nicotine” and the one inspired by Van Halen “You Got It”. But seven months after the release of their debut single, the band has broken up.

As Tsangaris said Sound Wall, Houston recently walked away from the band to focus on a father, as he was expecting a child with his lover, and Trujillo also quietly left the group. In addition to the same members, Tsangaris and Hudson decided to end Suspect208 and focus on a new project, the S8NT ELEKTRIC.

“We decided to end it because Tye left and Cody left so we could be a father and we didn’t want to continue to divide our fan base by hiring new people,” Tsangaris revealed. “We started a clean slate with @ s8ntelektric and we’re all excited about it. There are some amazing musicians in the band and we’re all inspired!”

As to what can be expected from S8NT ELEKTRIC, Tsangaris said, “We’ll probably have four singles in September. We’ve written a lot and it’s progressing well! We have a song set to be released for the finale. every month. ”

S8NT ELEKTRIC has already booked a gig at Napa Valley’s Stone Bottle Festival, where London -based father Slash will play a headlining set with Guns N ’Roses.

Meanwhile, Trujillo, has a number of projects to go, including the band OTTTO, set to play Lollapalooza in Chicago this summer.

Serious consequences actually spoke to all four members of Suspect208 via video Zoom when Weiland was in the group. See that interview below.

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