SVDDEN DEATH Releases His Furious Set-Opening ID, "Born To Suffer"

SVDDEN DEATH returns with more stampeding dubstep for his first original single of 2023.

The opening salvo ofSVDDEN DEATHThe fiery live set has finally seen an official release.

With the release of “Born To Suffer,” SVDDEN DEATH, one of theEDM.comThe best music producers of 2022, recaps that the distortion-heavy dubstep track set the tone for his tour shows for nearly a year. And it’s easy to see why.

SVDDEN DEATH performing at Electric Zoo 2022/

Brian Rapaport/

The “Behemoth” producer has never been one to beat, and has no reason to start now. With “Born To Suffer,” he opens with stomping drums and vampiric vocals that sound like they’re straight from a metal album before launching into a heavy burst of heavy-hitting bass.

Metallic drums and swirling, distorted chaos reach a fever pitch in the second drop, a frenetic sequence that leaves us breathless in a live setting. The release comes with an equally intense visualizer that is definitely not for the faint of heart.

“Born To Suffer” is SVDDEN DEATH bread and butter. The new track, his first original release of 2023, comes on the heels of his unexpected house music-oriented mixtape, “Deadroom Showcase 2023,” which you can check out. HERE.



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