Sweet Tooth Season 3 Set, Showrunner Issues Statement on Series Ending

Netflix has officially renewed Jim Mickle’s hit fantasy series adaptation of the Sweet Tooth for the third and final season. The change comes after a week since the coming-of-age drama returned with eight new episodes. According to The Hollywood ReporterSeason 2 garnered over 48 million viewing hours in its first four days.

In a statement from Mickle, he confirmed that the final chapter will see Christian Convery’s Gus embark on an arctic adventure. It was also revealed that Netflix has finished filming Season 3 in New Zealand.

“In many ways, this is exactly the story I thought we were going to tell and in many ways it took on a life of its own,” Mickle said. “In the beginning, I think you start telling these landmark pieces of Gus’ story and the big pieces of the comic, but the beauty of long-form storytelling and Gus’ journey over 24 episodes is the characters themselves tell you what they want to be. The crew and cast bring more depth and perspective to who the characters are and where they’ve come from and where they’re going. The third season is a Arctic story with exciting new adventures and what we hope will be a satisfying conclusion to this epic story. Gus will see a side of the world and humanity that he has never seen before. or two time.

What is Sweet Tooth?

Described as a family-friendly storybook adventure, Sweet Tooth centers around Gus – part deer, part boy – who leaves his forest home to find the outside world destroyed by a cataclysmic event. He joins a ragtag family of human and animal-child hybrids like himself, searching for answers about this new world and the mystery behind his hybrid origins.

The current series stars Christian Convery, Nonso Anozie, Adeel Akhtar, Rosalind Chao and Amy Seimetz, with James Brolin as the voice of the narrator. Season 3 will also introduce new cast members Cara Gee and Ayazhan Dalabayeva.

Sweet Tooth was created and directed by Jim Mickle from a screenplay he co-wrote with Beth Schwartz (bow), who both serve as showrunners. Executive producers are Mickle, Schwartz, Robert Downey Jr. of Team Downey, Susan Downey, and Amanda Burrell, and Linda Moran, with Team Downey’s Evan Moore set as a producer.

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