Sweet Valley High Actress Welcomes Baby After Twins Give Eggs

Twin girls Brittany and Cynthia Daniel have a lot in common — even except for their genes.

The couple has been together on TV series Sweet Valley High from 1994 to 1997 as Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield, and now they share a more emotional experience.

Brittany knows she can’t have children because of her fight with stage IV non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, per People. That’s when sister Cynthia came in to donate her own egg so they could be Brittany and husband. Adam Touni can have a child of their own.

Their daughter, Hope Rose Touni, was born on October 24, 2021. This week, the actresses discuss their inspiring journey with People.

“I find it such a simple gift I can give him,” Cynthia said. “I knew Brittany would do it in a second for me. And we always shared everything, so why not?”

Brittany, 45, reflected, “We are so intertwined … Everything I own is mine and everything I own is hers.”

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