Sydney Chase refuses to allow Tristan to ‘Damage’ His Name

Sydney Chase seems to have denied Tristan Thompson’s claims of issuing a stop letter and stopping his scandalous fraud accusations.

Tristan Thompson is once again on fire for his alleged cheating against Khloe Kardashian. Just at this hour, the said chick does not stop from his claims. Sydney Chase seems to be denying the Continuing with the Kardashians star claims issuing a stop and stop order.

The NBA player has returned attention to new unreliable claims after spending last year trying to get Khloe’s trust out of her previous cheating scandal. The couple reunited last year and shared their plans to have another baby together this year. But their happy home was clearly shaken up again after an Instagram model was featured hookup claims against the Boston Celtics player. Recently, Sydney shared a screenshot of a DM Khloe allegedly sent to her asking to speak privately and make the conversation confidential. When Sydney clarified that he had not retracted his claims, Tristan tried to get it.

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The NBA champion responded to the fraud allegations by threatening a lawsuit and was released by his attorney Marty Singer to stop and stop Syndey. TMZ reports. In the letter, Singer accused Sydney of making “damaging proof that“about the father of two. “Mr. Thompson has no relationship with you whatsoever and he has not sent you any such texts,” read the letter. Singer also accused him of having allegedly had conversations with Tristan. “You’re obviously a liar,“Singer said. The model was warned to stop already”slander “ the pro athlete noticed if, “You’re doing it at risk because you’ll find yourself in court trying to defend your undetected misconduct.”

Continuing the Kardashians Khloe Tristan

But Sydney appears to have left no stone unturned in Tristan’s legal action. He took to his Instagram Story to say he didn’t receive any stop-and-go and sent a message to the ballplayer. “Make it a lesson not to let anyone no matter how much money or fame they have, to break you or tarnish your name,” as he said. Tristan’s legal team remained adamant that a letter was sent in an email they believed belonged to him. His team also expressed suspicion in Sydney over reports of him allegedly pitching a reality TV show. They did the interview from the No Jumper podcast.

He recently posted a photo showing how big he was following from making allegations of fraud. If he sprayed Tristan for publicity, it would appear that he fully understood the risk. Before he denies the claims or retracts any of his statements it still shows the strong possibility that they are true. Tristan might have something to explain.

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