Taika Waititi Will Play Pirate Blackbeard In HBO Comedy

Taika Waititi portrayed the pirate Blackbeard in Our Flag Means Death, an HBO Max comedy about 18th-century pirates. Waititi does too.

Taika Waititi will pilfer, shoot, and shoot her future role as the famous pirate Blackbeard in the HBO Max comedy, Our Flag Means Death. The multi-hyphenate actor, director, writer, and producer from New Zealand has been involved in many different independent and big budget films and television shows over the past few years. In 2017, his direction Thor: Ragnarok and now governs the future Thor: Love and Thunder with a script with him to write.

The Wrapping reports that Waititi joined the cast of Our Flag Means Death, an HBO comedy series Max where Waititi doubles as a producer. Waititi will play Blackbeard, a legendary English swashbuckler and real man who always appears as a character of the old pirate inclination. Creator David Jenkins (People in earth) says Waititi is the perfect man for the job:

Our Blackbeard is a legend, a lover, a defender, a tactical genius, a poetic soul, and possibly insane. Only one person can play this role, and that is the best Taika Waititi. We are so happy that he decided to give up the beard.

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Garrett Basch and Dan Halstead will serve as an executive producer alongside Waititi. Waititi has previously worked on projects he worked on behind the scenes, so his casting is not surprising. However, in line with the actor’s track record of flawless, pointless character work, Waititi’s acquisition of the famous sea rogue is an exciting prospect.

Our Flag Means Death inspired by the true historian, Stede Bonnet, a wealthy member of the 18th-century aristocracy who decided to live at sea as a pirate rather than remain comfortable in respectful society. Rhys Darby, a always with Waititi on Flying the Conchords and Next Winning Goal recently, play Bonnet.

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Source: The Wrapping

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