Take a Magic Carpet Ride Through the Romance of Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson

He wasn’t Aladdin to his Jasmine after all.

Kim Kardashian no boyfriend anymore Pete Davidsonas a pair broke up earlier this week, multiple sources told E! news Sources explained that their demanding schedules and the long distance between her home in California and her filming in Australia made it challenging to keep up.

In a way, the couple owes their relationship to some of the magic of Disney, as it played Jasmine and Aladdin in Saturday Night Live in October that unites them. They share a kiss during the sketch, and Kim later recalls how she felt “a little zing.” she said in a podcast episode in April that he also noticed his “BDE action,” naturally.

“A few days later, I called the producer of the SNL and I was like “Hey do you have Pete’s number?'” Kim recalled in the June episode of The Kardashians. “They said ‘Yes’ and I texted him. I didn’t even think ‘Oh my god, I’m going to have a relationship with him.’ I was just thinking…I heard about this BDE. I need to get out there. I just need to, like, start my…I’m just DTF.”

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