Taken by Harry Shum Jr. the Raccacoonie Scenes ‘Too Serious’

During an interview with ComingSoon before the release of Legion of Super-HeroesHarry Shum Jr. talks about his iconic role in Everything Everywhere All In One.

In the Oscar-nominated film, one of the universes Michelle Yeoh’s Evelyn sees is a parody of Pixar’s 2007 film. Ratatouille. In it, a chef played by Harry Shum Jr. the cook with the help of a raccoon perched on his head.

“It’s very nice. I mean, the Daniels… they hit me up and told me about the story — I mean, first the bit, and then I was already in,” said the actor when asked about balancing comedy and heart in “Raccacoonie ” part of the film. . “Then they kept telling me about the flow of the story and then they were like, ‘It won’t be long, but there’s a lot to explore.’ It’s like I rolled up my sleeves. In this universe, he is the star of that universe. And I think we are all protagonists in our own stories – in our own universe – in many ways. That’s why I really like that they went from this funny gag to something very heartfelt and also addressed it that way.

Shum Jr. explained. taking the segment seriously while fully embracing its comedic concept.

“That’s why I take it so seriously,” he said. “I think all the actors in all their universes do that, and I think that’s why the film works on a level that can be recognized in many areas of the film. I think everyone has that. I never think I’m walking with a raccoon – not just in front of me, but on my head and with Michelle Yeoh on my shoulders. I never believed it was true, but it is, and I’m so happy it’s true.

Everything Everywhere All In One written and directed by directing duo Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert aka the Daniels. Joe and Anthony Russo are producing through their AGBO banner, along with Ley Line Entertainment and Jonathan Wang. Eli Bush and Mike Larocca are among the executive producers, along with Josh Rudnick, Timothy Headington, and Theresa Steele Page.

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