Talk to Jennifer Hudson and Jeffrey Wright: Monster

Stars Jennifer Hudson and Jeffrey Wright talked about the relevance of their characters as parents in the upcoming Netflix movie Monster.

Years after its premiere at Sundance in 2018, Monster finally came to Netflix May 7. Consistent with Walter Dean Meyers ’novel of the same name, the film examines youth violence and racial justice through the eyes of a black teenager. Steve Harmon (Kelvin Harrison Jr., The Chicago Trial 7), was tried for the murder accessory because he was in a store before a robbery was committed.

But as testimonies gathered and acquaintances were used against her, the audience – including her public defender Katherine (Jennifer Ehle, Pride and Prejudice) – asked to ask what really happened that night. As she included her own narration on a screen, her parents – played by Jennifer Hudson (Dreamgirls) and Jeffrey Wright (The Batman) – his most numerous champion.

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Hudson and Wright -recognized artists spoke at Screen Rant about how they relate to their characters as parents, and how they have become their own family on set.

monster - jennifer hudson & jeffrey wright

You don’t have a lot of time to gather in a dynamic family, and yet it’s very clear that Steve is from a loving home despite facing this terrible situation. Can you tell each story how you relate to Mrs. And Mr. Harmon and how they feel about their son’s trial?

Jennifer Hudson: Maybe the connection is being a parent. I have a son. I’m a black woman, and every time we see any young black kid get these scenarios, it’s almost coming home. So, it’s not much [stretching] to illustrate it.

They are my family, even on set. So, I hope you understand that that way.

Jeffrey Wright: Yeah, I’m a parent too-a parent here in New York City of a teenage boy and a teenage girl. And I think the story is a lot of family stories; a loving family and a family that tries to protect each other in the way good families do.

But it’s also a story of when the door opens, and that young man walking outside. What was going on there, and what challenges he knew there, what trials he knew there. And how he was received, how he was seen, and how that affected him emotionally and perhaps physically. My door opens every day, and my kids come out.

I read the script, obviously, for this film. But I already know the story, in some way, very well.

As Jennifer said, it really feels like you’re a family. Talking about Calvin as your son, you look at him a few years progressive actor he is now

Jeffrey Wright: Kelvin is a great actor. And I think what we’re trying to do is give as much as we can to our performances, to each other, and especially to him. Because that information and that shakes allow other actors to eat, and it just works. We all build on each other, trying to create the dynamics and everything the story takes.

Kelvin, he’s doing his own thing. See, I whisper a lot of things here and there, and maybe he’ll listen or not. She has her own man. Many years have passed, of course – five years have passed since the making of the film. But I think at the end of the day, he gave a good performance like I saw from a young actor in this film. There have been a few young artists who have come out and received a lot of accolades and nominations and all of these things, but I haven’t seen any show that brings more to the screen then Kelvin brings this show.

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Monster will be released May 7 on Netflix.

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