Tamar Braxton Engaged to Queens Court Finalist “JR” Robinson

Tamar Braxton is heading home with a new love—and a stunning ring.

During the finale of his Peacock dating show, Court of QueensTHE Braxton Family Values alum na engaged to finalist Jeremy “JR” Robinson.

“I prayed for someone to understand me and not look at me and my flaws and just accept me for who I am,” Tamar told JR. “And then I met you. And then I saw everything I’ve prayed for since childhood.”

As for JR, the lawyer made it clear that he is also his wish to come true.

“I’m not only willing, I’m ready,” he said to the 46-year-old singer. “So much so that I don’t want to be your friend… I want to be your husband.”

Place the drop on one knee.

“Tamar, I’m here forever because I can’t see my life without you,” he continued. “I love you, Tamar. Tamar, will you marry me?” And when the “All the Way Home” singer asked if he was sure, JR didn’t hesitate, adding, “Absolutely sure.”

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