Tamra Judge Says Vicki Gunvalson ‘Chased’ Ex Steve Out of Restaurant

RHOC alumni Tamra Judge revealed that Vicki Gunvalson met her ex Steve and his new girlfriend at a restaurant. In Vicki’s way, she made her mark.

True Housewives in Orange County author Vicki Gunvalson reportedly chased Steve Lodge and her new groom from a restaurant after the new couple announced their surprise engagement. When Vicki and Steve split up, they refused to put the blame on anyone in particular, with Vicki meaning they split up after two years of togetherness. Due to the busyness of the two, especially the Lodge, who recently ran for governor of California with fellow entertainer Caitlyn Jenner, the effort was not enough to keep the relationship alive.

Long following the RHOC remember that Vicki married Don Gunvalson for ten years after being together for 20; their divorce ended in 2014. She was previously married to Michael Wolfsmith, early times in RHOC shows Vicki, Don, and Vicki’s children Briana and Michael. Following her divorce from Don, Vicki dated Brooks Ayers. Season 10 on RHOC documented Ayers ’battle with cancer before it was discovered by the audience (and the other cast) that the couple lied about his illness; Vicki goes on to deny that she is unaware of Brooks ’lies. Moving on from the situation, Vicki meets up and starts dating Steve Lodge– brother of Roger Lodge, an entertainer — in 2016 before splitting up in September. Just a few short months later, Steve Lodge became engaged again, this time with girlfriend Janis Carlson.


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Guests who appeared on “Jeff Lewis Live” on Tuesday, Vicki’s BFF Tamra Judge revealed that Vicki and Lodge had an awkward run-in shortly after the new engagement news exploded. Recalling the intense but enjoyable moment, Judge explained that, “[Vicki] ran to him with [fiancée] and he drove her out of the restaurant. ” After confirming that Vicki had told him herself, Judge said he asked the question on everyone’s mind: “Oh my God, naay nikuha [a] its video? ” (Unfortunately, no one did.) Trying to be a peacekeeper in tactile situations, Page Six says Judge, while a close friend of Vicki, is still friendly and has a good relationship with the Lodge. Defending his precarious position, the Judge said he congratulated Lodge for the courtesy: “What can I do? I won’t argue with the man! ”

Despite the quick rebound of her ex-husband with Carlson, Vicki seems to have taken single life in stride. Page Six was the first to report that the RHOC The matriarch plans to host a break-up party at Kings of Hustler, a male strip club in Las Vegas. In the line of fun and relaxation, Vicki recently uploaded a carefree Instagram video from Puerto Vallarta. Calling the city in Mexico “[HER] happy place for over 35 years, ” Vicki shared a clip of her and her colleagues singing Alicia Keys ’hit“ Girl on Fire ”. Like a true friend, Tamra jumped on the internet to make fun of Vicki for burning—And under the influence of alcohol. In another video from the same night, Vicki mentions being single again, this time recruiting her friend Dennis with a list of future qualities.

Fans wish Vicki Gunvalson happiness and want to see her live her best life as a free agent. Vicki was no longer seen True Housewives in Orange County since being shown as a female friend in season 14, but her active social media profiles mean fans can still follow her plan. As for RHOC, new housewives like Noella Bergener bring their own drama to the table for fans to see. Season 16 on RHOC currently airing since its premiere last month, with returning stars including Shannon Storms Beador and Heather Dubrow. As for Vicki Gunvalson, the original cast member always had something to expect from the audience even off the screen.

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Source: Page Six, Vicki Gunvalson/Instagram

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