Tanner Tolbert Slams Bachelor’s “Train Wreck” Hosting Decisions

The car mechanic, who got it wedding to present wife Jade Roper during the Bachelor of ParadiseThe second season aired in 2015, it was clarified that he didn’t intend it as a commentary on Chris ’release, or as a personal criticism of Kaitlyn, Tayshia or any of the celebs. According to Tanner, the show should focus more on participants’ relationships, rather than “pre-designed, contrised BS.”

He continued, “I didn’t tune in to see David Spade handing out date cards. He was good. Tommy Boy, don’t get me wrong. But I want to watch The Bachelor and The Bachelorette and Bachelor of Paradise for drama and for relationships, and watch the screen unfold. “

Tanner also clarified that the show still holds a special place in his heart, given that he met Jade in it, and that they are now sharing three children. He also said that Kaitlyn and Tayshia “bring a lot of energy and have a lot of hosting skills.”

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