Taylor Frankie Paul Charged with Domestic Violence and Child Abuse

Dakota, 30, was also injured in the incident, where the responding officer observed “redness and swelling around her eyes, swelling on her elbow, scratches on her fingers, and a cut on her neck.”

The officer also noted that Taylor’s son Ocean Paul2, was also inside the residence during the incident.

Days after the arrest, Dakota defended Taylor, speaking on Daily Mail in an article published on February 23, “She never hurt anyone intentionally” and “We didn’t argue.”

She continued, “I don’t want the truth to come out. She’s really upset right now. I’m trying to help her. She’s a good mom, she’s been through a lot in her life right now. Taylor’s been struggling, it’s been a tough year for her. She hurt by his cheating scandal that resulted in his marriage.”

Taylor became controversial in 2022 when she revealed in a TikTok livestream that she and her husband Tate Paul, the father of her children, divorced after joining a “soft swinging” group with other members of the Mormon MomTok community. He admitted that he was “troubled” when he “came out” of an agreement with his ex, in which they agreed not to “continue” with swapped sex partners.

“We played with fire,” he said, “and we got burned.”

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