Taylor Swift Albums Account for 1 in 25 Vinyl LPs Sold in 2022

Last year, one out of every 25 vinyl LPs sold in the United States was a Taylor Swift album, Billboard reports, citing Luminate’s year-end music tour. Fueled by the bonanza release of About midnightthat encouraged Fans buying multiple copies with different sleeves, Swift’s 1.7 million LP sales made her a runaway top-seller in the vinyl market. Based on the total consumption equivalent of the album, however, Bad Bunny’s Summer without you is the biggest album of 2022 in the United States. It topped the streaming numbers: 4.3 billion audio streams to About midnight‘ 1.8 billion.

Swift’s release strategy, which also includes multiple color vinyl options, has reignited the debate surrounding major label capitalization of the vinyl revival, which critics say is clogging up the plants. sticking and delaying small releases. as Billboard Noted ahead of No. 1 album chart debut, Swift’s midweek sales of 500,000 LPs represent “more than most artists today are able to do, especially in sales.”

About midnight bucked the trend of pop sales to undermine digital: 62 percent of its first-week sales came through LPs and CDs. By shifting 1.58 million equivalent albums across formats in seven days, it marked the biggest release week since Adele’s 25 in 2015.”Anti-Hero” was also the best-selling digital song of the year, more than doubling the sales of second place Lizzo’s “About Damn Time.” by Kate Bush Stranger Things–fueled by the “Running Up That Hill” resurgence The song was placed at No. 5 on the digital sales chart of the year. Top songs on on-demand audio and video streaming released in 2021: Lil Nas X and Jack Harlow’s “Child of Industry.”

About midnight, of course, was the biggest selling vinyl of the year, with 945,000 sales. But Swift’s 2020 LP MOONLIGHT ROMANCE It also brought in big numbers: Its 174,000 sales made it the seventh best-seller of the year. Pop albums also took No. 2 and 3 spots, ni Harry Styles and olivia rodrigo, respectively. by Kendrick Lamar Good Boy, MAAD City is in No. 4, and Tyler, the Creator records both Call Me If You’re Lost and It’s Igor, in 6 and 8 spots, respectively. Gen Z listeners, Luminate notes, spend, on average, 18 percent more money on music than the average US music listener, and helped drive the year. huge vinyl sales.

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