Taylor Swift Fan Becomes Security Guard To Get Into Movies

Secure tickets to see Taylor Swift“The Eras Tour” is a violent processbut one fan came up with an inventive strategy to make sure he could witness the show: he applied to work as a security guard at his local gig.

Nashville resident Davis Perrigo is an accountant by day, but after failing to get Taylor Swift tickets, he applied to join the security team at the local Nissan Stadium. Once he got the job, he had a better view of the stars than almost any seat money could buy. “Friday night I was next to the stage, and then Saturday night, I had almost a better view,” he said locally News Channel 5.

Perrigo’s enthusiasm quickly caught the attention of other Swifties, who posted videos of him singing every word – a striking contrast to the gruff expressions guards usually display while on the job. Even the pop star team noticed.

“Taylor’s security actually scolded me, saying I was struggling and I needed to tone it down,” Perrigo said.

Of course, this great security guard anecdote came just a few days before the other one member of the crew faced Swift’s wrath — this time, for apparently being too focused on work and reprimanding a fan who Swift pressured him to do nothing about.

“The Eras Tour” continues through the summer with upcoming stops in East Rutherford, New Jersey, Chicago, Detroit, and more. You can find last-minute tickets HERE.

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