Taylor Swift is asked to Finally Meet Olivia Rodrigo: See Pic

Their social media conversations are made even more special when the stars finally meet in person, with Conan commenting, “I love my sister and my mother.” Their neighbor, Iris Apatow, writes, “Sweet angels.”

Both Taylor and Olivia bonded in the face of criticism for their songwriting styles. Last week, Olivia scolded Statements of “sexist” and “BS” about tracks by the same artist.

“I’m a teenage girl, I write about things that I feel really feel. And I feel sadness and longing really,” she said. The Keeper. “I think that’s true and natural. I really don’t understand what people want me to write; do you want me to write a song about income tax? How can I write an emotional song about that ? “

Olivia says she tries to write about emotions that are “hard to talk about” or not “socially acceptable” for women. The self-described spicy pisces adds, “Anger, jealousy, though, sadness, they get overwhelmed as bitchy and moan and complain or whatever …

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