Tears for Fears Announces First New Album in 17 Years, Share Video for New Song: Watch

Tears of Fears, the duo of Roland Orzabal and Curt Smith, returns. Today, they have announced their first album in 17 years. The Tipping Point will come out Feb. 25 through Concord. Check out the video for the title track, directed by Matt Mahurin, at the bottom.

The album was originally set for a 2017 release; the duo mentioned the delay in a statement with the album announcement. “Before everything went right on this album, everything first had to go bad. It took years, but something happened when we were together,” Orzabal said.

Tears for Fears worked with “some of the current hit songwriters,” but ultimately disagreed with their previous management about that direction. “Eventually, the pressure and tension that separated us not only from our management, but from each other as well,” said Orzabal, who said they returned to work on the album as a duo with new support. management. “Suddenly, for the first time in a long time, we felt like we had someone in our corner who understood what we were trying to do. We felt like we had a side. It was the first time in a long time that we had decided – we have to do it. ”

The album was made with longtime Tears for Fears collaborator Charlton Pettus, along with producers and songwriters Sacha Skarbek and Florian Reutter. Their last album was in 2004 Everyone Loves a Happy Ending. Last year, the group released a new song called “I Love You But I’m Lost, ”Featuring their most hit compilation World Rule. They are also in a co-headlining tour with Hall and Oates, but should be for a while postpone due to a family emergency.

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Tears for Fears: The Tipping Point

The Tipping Point:

1 No Small Thing
2 The Tipping Point
3 Long, Long, Long Time
4 Break the Man
5 My Demons
6 Rivers of Mercy
7 Please Be Happy
8 Teacher’s Plan
9 End of the Night
10 Retention
11 Let It Evolve [deluxe edition]
12 Hidden Location [deluxe edition]
13 shame (Cry Heaven) [deluxe edition]

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