Tears of Fear Announces Heartbreaking 40th Anniversary Reissue

Tears of Fear will celebrate the 40th anniversary of their debut album, The Pain, with a new reissue. From May 12th, it will be available as a half-speed vinyl remaster and a newly created Dolby Atmos mix.

The half-speed remaster was done at Abbey Road Studios by audio engineer Miles Showell. Meanwhile, the new Atmos mix was created by Steven Wilson, who previously remixed Tear for Fears albums. Songs from the Big Chair, The Seeds of Loveand The Tipping Point to spatial audio format.

Pre-orders continues. The Dolby Atmos mix will be released as part of a limited edition Blu-ray disc available exclusively through SuperDeluxe Edition also features two previously unheard tracks, a 5.1 mix, instrumental mix, and the original album master.

The Pain was released on March 7, 1983, and topped the UK albums chart. It produced three classic Top 5 hits: “Mad World,” “Change,” and “Pale Shelter.” Written solely by guitarist/singer Roland Orzabal, the loose concept album centers around themes of childhood psychological trauma and Arthur Janov’s Primal Scream therapy.

In a statement from last year, Tears for Fears co-founder Curt Smith said the band recently noted the familiarity of young listeners at the album’s festival. “I was looking in front of the audience, and they were all younger than me, and they were all singing all the lyrics to every song from The Pain,” he said. “It surprised me. If you look at it retrospectively, it makes sense because the album was written at our age. Those lyrics will appeal to a younger audience.”

Last year, Tears for Fears was released The Tipping Point, their first studio album in 17 years. on an interview with result, the duo opened up about how writing their first album in almost two decades became a balancing act of record label requests (achieving a modern sound) and staying true to themselves.

The Pain Half-Speed ​​Remaster Artwork:

The Pain Half-Speed ​​Remaster Tracklist:
Side A
01. The Torture
02. Mad World
03. Pale Shelter
04. Ideas as Opiates
05. Memory Fade

side B
01. Children suffer
02. Watch Me Bleed
03. Change
04. The prisoner
05. Start of Disintegration

The Pain Limited Edition Blu-Ray Tracklist:
01. The Torture
02. Mad World
03. Pale Shelter
04. Ideas as Opiates
05. Memory Fade
06. Children suffer
07. Watch Me Bleed
08. Change
09. The prisoner
10. Initiation of Disintegration
11. Mad World (Mike Howlett Version)
12. Watch Me Bleed (Mike Howlett Version)

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