Tennessee Blocks Measure Awards to Gay Country Singer TJ Osborne

Brother Osborne singer TJ Osborne, who recently came out as gay, is on track to be honored by the Tennessee government as “the first openly gay artist to be signed to a major national music label” after a move unanimously passed the Senate. Now, he has been rejected at that point. The state House of Representatives blocked the move on Tuesday after a move disqualified the longtime anti-LGBTQ Rep. Jeremy Faison, the chairman of the House Republican Caucus.

The enacted law, Senate Joint Resolution (SJR) 609, will act as a consolation to the different means of the state supporting his condition. “Even if TJ Osborne wasn’t the first country music artist to come out as a gay, he was the first and currently only apparently gay artist to be signed to a major national label,” the research reads. “Even if it’s just a result of being true to himself, he has nonetheless become a trailblazer and a symbol of hope for artists and country music fans who may be expelled from a different they love.”

In dismissing the bill on the floor of the House, Faison SAYS, “We have concerns about SJR being this, and I want to bring it back to naming and naming.” Asked to clarify his reasoning, especially after it passed the Senate with a 30-0 vote, Faison said, “The committee didn’t listen to it and I feel it should be.” For the record, the legislation is only a page and a half (double the distance!) In length.

A democratic Rep. Antonio Parkinson responded with a guffaw and called Faison for his shadowy objection. “A lot of SJRs weren’t heard from the committees and we voted for them. We voted for some of them now, as a matter of fact!” Parkinson said. “Country music artist, TJ Osborne? We’re talking about a country music singer, all of you. Quick.”

Faison has long spoken out about his perceived anti -LGBTQ beliefs. In 2012, he argued against a cyberbullying bill that would mean reducing the alarming number of LGBTQ youth, saying, “They don’t commit suicide because of someone hurting them. They commit suicide because they don’t commit suicide. right principles from which their self -confidence comes at home. ”The best way to describe a person who is indifferent to children who commit suicide, especially those who feel rejected and hated, a perfect ass.

Numerous figures on the local Tennessee scene and the country music world have largely expressed their anger at Osborne being denied the honor, from Maren Morris on Jason Isbell. “Many are disappointed with TN House Republicans for shutting down my friend @TJOsborne for being honored because HE REALLY !?” SAYS Kacey Musgraves in a tweet. “Is it fair for TJ to use his strangely beautiful story as a device to prove how hateful some of the lawmakers are?” added Isbell.

Knowing that the move was blocked, the Osborne Brothers directly reached out to Faison, including on social media, to ask why it was not going ahead. “We’ve lived in such a state for more than half of our lives,” the duo said tweet. “@ JeremyFaison4TN honored Ben Shapiro for not even living here. Jeremy, let’s have lunch one day. To us. Really want to know about you as a person.” Faison responded to a sentence saying he wanted to he who can “break bread” with them.

Unfortunately, this is the latest in many anti-LGBTQ efforts made by the local government of Tennessee. As in different Pointed out, the state has been the center of nationwide controversy in recent years for signing the so-called “anti-gay adoption bill” into law last year, introducing HB529 research that would require districts at the school to give a month’s notice if it introduces curriculum involving sexual orientation, and several laws aimed at regulating trans athletes in women’s sport.

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