The 10 Best Rimuru Tempest Powers At The Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime

To begin with That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime, Rimuru Tempest is a tiny little slime monster with few skills or powerful abilities. Thanks to his predation ability, and the help of his internal guide, Great Sage, Rimuru quickly levels up and becomes a much stronger opponent, gaining unique skills and magical powers along the way. .

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By the end of season 2, Rimuru had progressed to the point that he was on the same level as a True Demon Lord. This evolution gives Rimuru even more strange abilities and increases his power to a level never seen in the series. His progress is such that he can almost approach the level of divinity before the end of the series.

10 Rich King Beelzebuth

Rich King Beelzebuth

Acquired after the ability that Gluttony acquired a Merciless skill, Gluttonous King Beelzebuth raised Rimuru’s current Glutton skill to a much higher level. One of the skills it provides that serves as Rimuru’s main get-out-of-jail-free card is Predation. Prededation allows Rimuru to absorb organic and inorganic matter and incorporate it into his body composition, allowing it to neutralize magic, art, and other attacks. Once an item is exhausted using Predation, Rimuru can follow his skill, Mimicry, allowing him to copy the skills and shapes of his adopted target. This is Rimuru’s main way of gaining new skills and allows him to progress as quickly as possible from his body transformation into a slime.

9 Wise King Raphael

Wise King Raphael

On advancing to a True Demon Lord, Rimuru’s skills the Great Sage and Degenerate are combined and upgraded by the genius King Raphael. Mind Accelerate supports Rimuru’s thinking and processing ability, allowing him to increase his thinking rate a thousandfold, while Analysis and Analysis allows Rimuru create a strategy in a flash. Meanwhile, Wisdom King Raphael (formerly Great Sage) serves as Rimuru’s main source of knowledge about his new abode and opponents, giving him some useful insight into many situations.

8 The Wrath of God (Megiddo)

The Wrath of God Megiddo

Even if it is only seen on one occasion, Wrath of God or Megiddo quickly makes an indelible impression on fans of the series. Rimuru uses this skill to break up the entire army of the Kingdom of Falmuth in a matter of seconds. Megiddo works by making many large constructions made from water that act as a magnifying glass.

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The lenses can be adjusted in terms of size and frequency to focus on either one or a thousand targets, making them more versatile. Also, because the attack fired a physical move, ignoring shy resistance, making Megiddo one of the most formidable abilities in Rimuru’s arsenal.

7 Multilayer Barrier

Multilayer Barrier

Each magic-user who values ​​their salt has access to several liters that can be used depending on the situation. A classic standing spell is a barrier spell. Rimuru’s multilayer barrier is an improved version of his barrier skill and allows him to create many thin Ranged Barriers made of magicules. These barriers can be created immediately if broken and allow him to cover his entire body with thin, protective layers. The obstacle proves critical to keeping Rimuru alive against all sorts of magic and physical attacks and gives him resistance to many skill elements.

6 No End Change

No End Change

Before becoming a True Demon Lord, Rimuru had already become unreliable thanks to his ability to Self-Transformation, which allowed him to regenerate from injuries. This skill was further upgraded after its evolution and enhanced in its current form, Infinite Regeneration. Rimuru is also able to recover from injuries more quickly than before, giving him more combat effectiveness. Also, in addition to repairing the wounds and arm as well, Infinite Regernation allows Rimuru to heal from the damage done to his spiritual body, meaning he is no longer as threatened by Rainbow’s Dead End. Hinata Sakaguchi. This ability practically makes Rimuru immune to long -term damage, which is a major advantage in any situation of life or death.

5 Universal Detect

Universal Detect

Anyone long time player of Dungeons and Dragons prove that Perception is one of the most advanced skills in the game, as it empowers the user to find enemies, objects of interest, and other meaningful features of the environment. Rimuru’s version of Perception is called Universal Detect which is a multi-purpose skill that is delivered to them with a keen sense of smell, hearing, heat perception, and magic sensitivity. This ability effectively makes Rimuru a walking radar.

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4 Universal Shapeshift

Universal Shapeshift

Polymorph is a versatile technique that can transform the user into almost anything imaginable, from a fearsome dragon to an ordinary salt shaker. In Rimuru’s case, his Universal Shapeshift ability enables him to move any parts of his body into parts of a completely different or unorganized object. This skill is also what allows Rimuru to change his human form, allowing him to blend into environments more quickly than his natural slime form. Overall, it’s a versatile use of ability in social and combat applications.

3 Spatial Motion

Spatial Motion

Rimuru’s Spatial Motion ability mimics the effects of teleportation, allowing him to travel instantly to a place he has visited before. While there are limitations to the use of Spatial Motion, which means he or she has to visit a place to teleport to that location, the benefit provided by teleportation is enormous. It has the potential to not only save Rimuru a lot of time and energy but it can also be used in combat to confuse and dismantle his enemies.

2 Cancel the Illness

Cancel the Illness

Cancel the Pain given Rimuru’s resistance to pain, giving him the ability to block attacks. This is important to control the intensity of a fight and is used by Rimuru to full effect in his fight with Hinata Sakaguchi. During their battle, Hinata hits Rimuru multiple times with her sword, Dead End Rainbow, to attack her opponent’s spirit body. Rimuru’s ability allows him to ignore that illness and continue to fight him to a failure.

1 Lightning to Lightning

Lightning to Lightning

Two of Rimuru’s strongest attack ability, Dark Flame and Dark Thunder, were upgraded when he progressed to a True Demon Lord. Together, they teamed up to make Darkflame Lightning. The Dark Flame enables Rimuru to create flames that block the target innovatively, which Rimuru uses well in his fight against the Orc Disaster Geld.

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