The 15 Highest Income Champions, Rank

Over the years, The Challenge grew out of a show showing The Real World and Rules of the Road stars battling it out into a free-for-all that includes some of the most over-the-top and intense competition on television.

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The stakes are high, and the drama is even higher, which is what has inspired the MTV reality series for almost a decade now. During this time too, there were many challengers who had amassed a lot of wealth to compete for glory. Other contestants went on to earn a ton as it went on The Challenge, and a new one challenge the legend finally took the top spot.

Updated January 9, 2022 by Hilary Elizabeth: Who won the most money in The Challenge? Since The Challenge is a hit series that shows no signs of stopping and the money offered by the show seems to increase each season, the biggest winners in Challenge history seem to be changing on an almost constant basis.

15 Darrell Taylor – $ 248,055

Darrell Taylor The Challenge

The fact that Darrell made it to the top earners list is a true testament to how exceptional he is as a competitor, because it was the last time he really won. The Challenge is in the original Fresh Meat which premiered in 2006.

That time really came from most of his prize money, but that was also his fourth challenge won for four seasons, meaning he literally won every season he showed before his biggest win.

14 Rogan O’Connor – $ 250,000

Rogan O’Connor in The Challenge

Rogan O’Connor actually had only one win under his belt, but he was lucky he got challenge championship in a season with a very nice winning pot.

He won with Team UK at World War 2, and as the final prize money was a cool million dollars, this four -man team split the money and they all added themselves to the list of highest -earning winners in history. The Challenge.


13 Dee Nguyen – 255,000

Before him fired from The Challenge for her controversial Black Lives Matter comments, Dee Nguyen is a machine that earns money on the show with the potential to have a very high income challenge career.

He raised a total of $ 255,000 from the series, with a large chunk of the money coming from his Season 34 win, War of Words 2. If he’s still on the show, there’s no doubt he’ll climb to the top of the list.

12 Wes Bergmann – $ 303,000

Wes Bergmann The Challenge

Some might find it ridiculous that Wes ranks so low on this list, especially because of his almost-mythical legend of The Challenge. However, even if he has solidified his reputation as a proven winner, he has yet to nearly collect the money as other experienced veterans do.

Although Wes himself is not ashamed to admit that he is rich, he did not make as much profit as many other Challenge competitors simply because many of his wins came earlier in the series, when cash winnings were small in number. they did. later years.

11 Kaycee Clark – $ 403, ooo

Kaycee Clark The Challenge-2

Although brother Alum Kaycee Clark just debuted at The Challenge three seasons later, it seems like he’s only been a champ for a while. He made it to the finals of both Total Madness and Double Agent, and he finally won the last season, Spies, Liars, and Allies.

And, Kaycee can definitely raise herself a few notches about winning, as the prize for the season is a million dollars, and the winners will decide whether or not to share with the other participants. Kaycee and CT chose to give the other teams $ 100,000 each.

10 Amber Borzotra – $ 455,000

Amber Borzotra is consistently at the bottom brother alliance in time Double Agent, which is ridiculous considering he won the entire season and nearly half a million dollars. His first win also came during his debut season, making it even more impressive.

His performance was not good Spies, Liars, and Allies, however, because he can run faster and more than a gazelle, his chances of winning a final if he reaches one are even higher.

9 Jenny West – $ 500,000

Even if Jenny West has only appeared two seasons so far, absolutely no one has been surprised by her win. Total Madness and the half -million dollar prize that accompanies it.

The minute Jenny showed up World War 2, the competitors were scared, because they had eyes and saw that Jenny could be the strongest female Challenger of all time. And if he gets back in the series, it won’t be surprising to see him add some championships to his resume.

8 Yes Duffy – $ 511,254

When Paramount + announced the first season of The Challenge: All Stars, fans wondered how the prize money would measure up to the mainline series. And, the audience was not disappointed when TJ announced that the final win was worth $ 500,000.

Understandably the competition intensified, and black horse Yes Duffy ended up taking the grand prize. Prior to his win, Duffy did not show up The Challenge since the original War on the Sexes season in 2002.

7 Camila Nakagawa – $ 561,250

camila made the-challenge-xxx

Ever since he was introduced The Challenge, Camila Nakagawa clarified that she is a force to be reckoned with. But he really started to make a name for himself in the series in a big way in his later times.

His biggest win came in his 30th season, aptly titled Hugaw 30, when he came in first place and scored $ 450,000, which makes up most of his challenge bank account. Hugaw 30 so was his last season.

6 Cara Maria Sorbello – $ 602,250

Cara Maria Sorbello

There are many impressive women decorating The Challenge, but few have become as dominant as Cara Maria Sorbello. His winning account will grow with each challenge, with his biggest gross coming in Season 31 (Vendettas) when he bankrolled more than $ 378,000 on his winning season.

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Season 27 (War on Bloods), where he won over $ 125, o00, is another big one. He’s a regular powerhouse of The Challenge, despite the fact that he was ironically considered a weak competitor when he first started appearing on the show.

5 Turabi “Turbo” Camkiran – $ 750,000

Over time, the final prize money on The Challenge has grown tremendously, which is how someone like Turbo can make the top 10 winners despite only winning one season.

more challenge fans expect Turbo to return to the game at some point, as does his performance World War dominant and very unique. He was also alone in winning $ 750,000 for his trouble, which seems like a strong incentive to give the competition another chance.

4 Jordan Wiseley – $ 833,000

Jordan Wiseley is so famous for his arrogant nature The Challenge, but no one can say he has no record of supporting it.

Jordan rested a little The Challenge (due to her breakup with Tori Deal), because he hasn’t competed since season 35, Total Madness. But the alarming amount of his cash wins is also not surprising, as Jordan is in six seasons in The Challenge so far and has won four of those seasons.

3 Ashley Mitchell – $ 1,121,250

Ashley The Challenge

Viewers first saw how good Ashley Mitchell was in Season 29 (progress), where he went on and won the season.

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To solidify his place as a dominant player The Challenge, he won the $ 1 million prize in Season 32 (Final Count). His willingness to steal half the prize money from his partner Final Count makes it harder for Ashley to get ahead in the game, but she still has a shot at bulking into her bank account.

2 Johnny “Bananas” Devanzio – $ 1,184,720

There is no denying that Johnny Bananas sits on a throne of his own The Challenge. Even if Johnny doesn’t have the best elimination record, it’s impossible to beat him if he makes it to the final.

Bananas also featured an incredible 20 seasons in the series, meaning he has participated in more than half of the Challenge competitions overall. Given the many opportunities he needs to win, it’s no surprise that he occupied the top winning spot until it was finally grabbed recently.

1 Chris “CT” Tamburello – $ 1,365,000

CT has a relatively rocky onset The Challenge, despite the fact that he had everything he needed to win from the start. However, his hot temper got his best, and it took ages to finally become a Challenge champ.

Tamburello definitely made up for lost time though. As in the latest challenge weather, Spies, Liars, and Allies, Chris finally catches Banana in terms of wins and beat him from the high position he has occupied for many seasons to become the contestant with the most money in The Challenge.

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