The alternative “Dead Neck” Video of MF DOOM Getting NFT Release

A replacement version of MF DOOMThe “Dead Bent” music video comes out as an ineligible token (NFT). DIRECTORS Adam Bhala Lough filmed the unreleased version of the same shoot that made up the final version of Movement: Judgment Day visually He shot the replacement video Kodak 7231 Plus-X negative black and white 16mm film. Lough said he and the colorist behind the remaster of the video were the only people who saw the alternative version.

the AUCTION starts tomorrow (April 28) in the Eastern afternoon, and half of the revenue will go to the children of DOOM. The starting price is 99 Ether, which equates to approximately $ 261,000.

In addition to the NFT, the highest bidder will receive physical items, including the original 16mm film negative, documentation from the shoot, and the original canister label. Check out the original “Dead Bent” video below.

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