The Animal Crossing Pirate-Themed Miniature Golf Course is One Slot

A small golf course made by a fan of Animal Crossing: New Horizons uses decorations to make a pirate lovers dream, complete with a pirate chest.

A small golf course made by the fan Animal Passage: New Horizons inspired by piracy across the Ocean. Nintendo’s very good life simulation title was released in March 2020 and continues to receive support from the developer in the form of updates and events. The game is the latest title to Passing Animals series that began in 2001.

the Passing Animals The series is always about creativity and player expression, with games giving players the tools to design an ad to customize their own home and town. This creative focus has also resulted in a large amount of fan art and entertaining accolades from the players base. Many players use Passing Animals as a platform to create videos, referred to as “machinima,” with many famous works of art. Many of its video ranges are fun and light, like a crossover in between Passing Animals and popular mobile indie game Between Us, but some machinima pieces address series topics such as consumption and romance.

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A Animal Passage: New Horizons Reddit fan, MeganHarperART, recently shared a pirate-themed mini golf course they built inside the game. The course will feature a number of themed appropriate decorations, such as cannons and treasure boxes overflowing with gold. The beginning of each hole is clearly marked, and the holes are also marked with hand -made flags bearing the famous skull and crossbone pirate insignia. While it’s not really possible to play a course, it’s still an incredible creation that should take a lot of time.

AC Mini Golf 2
AC Mini Golf 1

While many Animal Passage: New Horizons Players show off their creations in-game, it is also possible to create a game in real life. The Build-A-Bear Workshop collaboration with Passing Animals Customers are allowed to create teddy bears that bear the resemblance of Isabelle and Tom Nook, two of the most prestigious characters in the game. While the same as Passing Animals The characters went on sale almost immediately after release, Build-A-Bear announces that they are back in stock and available for purchase.

Animal Passage: New Horizons gives players an abundance of tools and then allows their creativity to run. Some fans honor the series by drawing fan art or creating game art. However, nowadays a talented actor is suitable for each character New Horizons in an illustration. The freedom to express it brings a lot of exciting creatures, and the habitual making always continues to heal. As more updates add even more resources to the game, New Horizons continues to grow more valuable for manufacturers.

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Origin: MeganHarperART / Reddit

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