The Bachelor: Why Zach Shallcross Eliminated a Contestant Early

Introducing Zach night from Vermont, who made him drink maple syrup; Katherine from Tampa, who made Zach spray him with sunscreen even though it was pitch black outside; Mercedes from Iowa, who came with a pig named Henry; and Lekha from Miami, who bent Zach down to stick his tongue in his ear, telling him, “I licked it, so it’s mine.”

The first impression is fun!

Once inside, Zach raises a toast to his group of assembled suitors, telling them, “I’m just a dude who loves family, football and frozen pizzas.” Someone embroidered it on a pillow!

Zach begins to match women, including Kaity from Austin, who complimented Zach’s “very soft lips”. and told how he could tell he was going to be a great father in the future. Elsewhere, Zach and Cat, a dancer from New York, had a contest to see who could fit the most meatballs in their mouths. Everyone had fun!

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