The Bachelorette: Why Gabby Said an Emotional Goodbye to Nate

Elsewhere, Rachel made the choice Zach for his one-on-one date in Amsterdam, which it’s not good to sit with Absolutely.

“You can’t help if you don’t get the date card like, ‘What the f–k?,'” Tino said. “Now, all I’m privileged to know is that this week’s scoreboard reads that Zach won the rare one-on-one. And it’s his second.

After an afternoon spent running through tulip fields and a romantic dinner in the middle of an art museum—where Zach reveals he recently lost 85 pounds and the two reunite as they appreciate the value of the therapy-Rachel gives Zach a rose and an officer. invite dates in town next week.

After an emotional goodbye to Nate, Gabby treats her remaining boys to a group date that’s supposed to be sexy, but actually turns out to be incredibly awkward. After entering a dark room, they are introduced to a sex expert dressed in all leather and wielding a large whip.

The men were put through a series of different exercises, meant to test their sexual fetishes. Johnny was the only man who fully embraced the experience, while the others were mostly giggling and uncomfortable.

“I’m hoping now to dive deep into who we are and what we stand for,” Logan said. “I was just lying on a shag carpet blindfolded waiting for him to apply whipped cream to my nipples.”

Speaking of Logan, host Jesse Palmer Gabby revealed that, after the group date, Logan tested positive for COVID, forcing the cocktail party to be canceled that night.

Logan’s future on the show has never been declared bright, but it doesn’t look like he’ll be returning to the competition.

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