The Best Gifts for Dad: A 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

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The Best Gifts for Dad: A 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday shopping season is now in full motion, which means the sooner you start crossing your list of family members to get gifts for the better. A lot of people have a hard time looking for the perfect gift to get their dads (I know I’m sure). To help ease some of your stress these days, here are some top picks for gifts for dads: everything from electronics to shaving sets.

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Wireless Charging Station from WATOE

As we all know, electronics have become a big part of our daily lives, which means it’s important to be able to charge all devices and be ready to go. Instead of having to keep an eye on all the different cords, stay more organized with this wireless charging station. You can charge your phone, watch, and AirPods at the same time! $ 34.99.

Carrier Backpack from LeSportsac

This backpack can be a great gift to give to any kind of dad. Whether you need a travel backpack or one to take with you on your way to work, the Carrier Backpack has multiple pockets so you can carry all your belongings while being organized as well. The fabrics used to make the backpacks are also very durable so you can get a lot of stuff out of this bag! $ 140.

UGG Ascot Slippers

Designed for indoor and outdoor use, these slippers are the perfect gift for all the dads out there. Ascot Slippers are made of sheepskin and rubber outsoles for you to wear as loafers when you go out or slippers when you are at home! $ 110.

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Yeti Travel Tumbler

If your dad is a coffee lover and is likely to bring his cup on the trip, try these popular travel tumblers. The beauty of these tumblers is that they can hold any type of beverage and can keep them at the desired temperature for many hours. The cup also has a MagSlider ™ Lid that prevents large spills. Starting at $ 19.99.

Medcursor Deep Tissue Massager

This powerful massage gun will provide a great massage that you don’t have to leave your house. With 5 different speed levels and 6 customizable massage heads, this massage gun can mold any ache or pain you are trying to relieve. $ 50.99.

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Harry’s Winston Shave Set

If your dad needs a good shaving set, then don’t look for Harry’s The Winston Set! Each set has a Winston handle, three blade cartridges and a foam shave gel. For dads who also travel frequently, the set has a travel cover so your blades stay clean and protected. $ 25.

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Allbirds Men’s Wool Runners

Not only are these Wool Runners from Allbirds super comfortable, but they are also made from usable materials and machine washable. Whether you’re looking for shoes that are great for traveling or running, Allbirds Wool Runners are the perfect shoes for any occasion. $ 98.

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Cloud Cotton Robe from Parachute Home

While your dad is at home, they want to dress comfortably and what better way to achieve this than to wear the Cloud Cotton Robe from Parachute! This dress is made using 100% turkish cotton and is designed for people to relax and unwind. $ 99.

Bose QuietComfort 35 Wireless Headphones II

If you’re trying to get work done while the kids are running around the house or you want to get a good music experience, these Bose Wireless Headphones are a great choice for the holidays. Bose headphones are noise cancellation and are made with Alexa voice access and Google Assistant! $ 299.99.

Lambswool Blend Half-Zip from Boden

Now that we’re heading into the winter months, your dad may need a warm, stylish jacket to put on their work clothes. The Lambswool Blend Half-Zip is made using wool and polyamide to keep the jacket warm and comfortable. $ 98.

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