The Best Hidden Easter Eggs

Minecraft holds a lot of visually hidden fans that might be hard to stumble upon. Which of the Easter eggs in Minecraft is the most hidden?

Minecraft famous for being a simple game that hides a strange complexity. Even experienced players are constantly unaware of new surprises, and each update brings many pitfalls and secrets to be discovered. With updates coming soon Minecraft Easter eggs, secret gags and references that are hard to find but fun to discover.

On April 1, Minecraft Developer Mojang Studios has the tendency to add a temporary Easter egg or part as a joke, taking it at the end of the day. Other Easter eggs can only be seen on certain holidays, such as gift -wrapped chests for Christmas or squash head rioters on Halloween. There are also plenty of Easter eggs just in there old version of Minecraft which has already been taken.

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Not all Minecraft Easter Eggs can be vulnerable naturally. Some can only be found in the game files, where there are various secrets hidden in the cloths and other areas not visible in the game. Other Easter eggs are much easier to find; the speech menu, for example, allows players to access five comedy languages, including Shakespearean English and Pirate Speak. Some can still be found in the game but are more hidden and more difficult to access.

Minecraft Easter Egg – Rename Mobs

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Many Easter eggs can be found in call Minecraftmobs specific items by using a name tag item. For example, name a sheepjeb_“will result in a sheep constantly cycling in a different color of fleece. Name a rabbit”Tosta“adds black colors to its fur. Any rioter named”Dinnerbone“o”Grumm“flip and give upside-down. If a vindicator is also given a name”Johnny, “it will start attacking other mobs around it – probably a conversation The Dazzling. Because all of this relies on players using more specific phrases, they are less likely to encounter an accident.

Minecraft Easter Egg – Splash Text

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The splash text that appears below Minecraft“on the title screen randomized when players enter the game, which is shown in the context of jokes, tips, or accompanying phrases. All of this can be found in a file in the game’s text folder. Here, one of the possible splash texts reads, “This message never appears on the splash screen, isn’t that weird?“As the message shows, this text is programmed never to be displayed in the game and will only appear in the file – even if some players report seeing it in non -Java versions of the game, such as editions of console.In most versions of the game, users can also delete the splash text file to force the phraselost“to see, which may be a conversation Pokémonfamous Gen 1 glitch.

While some of the Easter eggs may be intentionally sought after, others rely on chance to be found, so the difficulty of their discovery can vary. But if players are looking to find something new Minecraft, they have to look at the many Easter eggs in the game and see what they encounter.

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