The best job in America is still in tech, and it pays $120,000 a year

Industrial layoffs have increased tenfold from 2021 to 2022, creating an omnipresent threat for those lucky enough to be in their role. And in companies like Twitterone’s future depends on the CEO’s priorities, which can change on a dime. Even the workers of the most stable companies want Salesforce, Amazonor Meta not spared an industry-wide hemorrhaging of jobs.

None of that seemed enough to knock the tech job off its pedestal. According to this year US News and World Report’s list of Best Jobs, the best job in America is software developer. Four other tech jobs, including web developer and IT manager, made the top 10, along with various jobs in the health sector.

In assembling its ranks, the US NEwS conducted self-interviews and analyzed data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics based on several factors, including stress levels, work-life balance, median salary, unemployment rate, and projected openings work from 2021 to 2031.

All this is to say that software developers are less stressed, have a healthier work-life balance, and make more money: a median of $120,000 per year. By 2031, a predicted 370,600 new software developer jobs are expected to open—an above-average rate.

“Software developers are becoming increasingly critical for the growth and continued success of businesses across industries,” said Janica Ingram, career editor at US News. WRITES. Such workers are predicted to remain in high demand, he added, due to the increase in the number of products and services that take advantage of the software.

Tech pros are a hot commodity

Among the dismissal, offers are withdrawnand there is no definite cessation of growthworkers with transferable software skills are rarely out of work for long — many companies admit rushed to scoop the talent after large-scale removal.

“Despite widespread layoffs, hiring freezes, and cost-cutting happening in tech, many tech workers are finding work quickly,” said Julia Pollak, chief economist at ZipRecruiter. , speaking of Wall Street Journal. “They are still the most sought-after workers with the most in-demand skills,” and they are “the most likely to find their feet.”

the most of the layoffs are in technology—about 79%—find a job within three months of searching, per a ZipRecruiter survey. Thirty-seven percent of laid-off tech workers found a new job in less than a month.

Analysis from Revilio Labs found that 72% of laid-off tech workers were back in business within 90 days. Software engineers are especially lucky; 79% of them got a new job during that time. And, the analysis found, more than half of tech workers who were laid off earned more at their new job.

“The important takeaway is ‘don’t despair,'” Reyhan Ayas, a senior economist at Revelio Labs, told Inside. “The job market is still hot.”

It’s also hot for health care workers; This year’s devastating cold and flu season reiterated what Ingram calls “the constant human need” for them. Almost 40% of US News’s Top 100 Best Jobs are in healthcare or healthcare support, which is perhaps not surprising, given their above average salaries and virtually no unemployment.

However, tech workers continue to work their way to the top. And even if they’re not happy where they are, they don’t have to worry about their prospects. According to experts on McKinsey and Blackrock, each company in 2023 is a software company.

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