The Dark Deku Theory of My Hero Academia Comes from Bakugo’s Shortcomings

The belief that Deku may have a hidden motive in giving Yuga Aoyama another chance all stems from Katsuki Bakugo’s values.

Warning! Spoiler forward for My Hero Academia chapter 338!

Some fans recently had an interesting dark theory as to why Deku wants to forgive Yuga Aoyama My Hero Academia, but the only reason why they came to this shocking conclusion is because Katsuki BakugoHis own faults, which he later showed in full display to be judged by his classmates.

My Hero Academia The traitor arc is undoubtedly intended to further emphasize Deku’s true heroism, as this is not the first time he has been pardoned for criminal behavior. The most recent example occurred when he convinced Lady Nagant to rejoin hero society and face the consequences of her past crimes even though she was literally looking for him for All For One. But when Deku later strictly makes the case for the hero society to give Yuga another chance, Bakugo tarnishes Deku’s good work by creating the false impression that his classmate must have a hidden motive when he thinks, “Deku! I got it now !!“in chapter 337.


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But as Bakugo is not supposed to realize, there is nothing else to gain but the obvious. My Hero Academia later confirms that Bakugo’s belief that Deku could not be willing to help Yuga from the goodness of his heart was merely the result of his own failures if Bakugo became the only student in class 1-A unable to forgive Yuga for his betrayal. Deku just doesn’t want to forgive Yuga for his crimes so he can be used as a hero against All For One. Deku wants Yuga to prove himself worthy of forgiveness because, as Deku asks, why would someone be called a villain for a mistake?

Although Bakugo has made some remarkable strides since his introduction as being nothing more than a bully, he has come a long way before he is a decent person like his classmates. And the fact that he believes there should be an angle for kindness is proof of that. But more importantly, this misunderstanding shows that he never knew Deku. Bakugo witnessed Deku do some amazing deeds and even so, he still believed that Deku could use someone very disgusting.

No, the treacherous arch is not intended to expose a dark side of Deku. In fact, My Hero Academia had a chance to tarnish Deku’s character during his solo mission to eliminate All For One alone. Deku went through a dark change that was clearly consuming him at the time, but soon after, My Hero Academia it was very clear that the whole experience was useless because class 1-A did save Deku from this darkness. Even if Deku had an even worse reason to save Yuga it would have been a logical progression, all the darkness that had engulfed him during his rogue mission quickly disappeared. by Bakugo the errors prove that is Deku described in My Hero Academia let this development be completely random and unreasonable.

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