The Darkness’ Justin Hawkins Thinks John Frusciante Is “Too Much”

The darkness MAG SINGER Justin Hawkins always candid on his podcast, “Justin Hawkins Rides Again,” and now he’s addressing the Red Hot Chili PeppersJohn Frusciantecalling his guitar playing “shit” and comparing it to childlike drawings.

Hawkins’ comments come from a recent episode of his podcast titled “How NOT to Write a Song,” in which he and guest Pat Finnerty (of the YouTube series. What Makes This Song Stink) went on to pitch Frusciante as part of a lengthy two-hour conversation.

“My issue with the Red Hot Chili Peppers is that I don’t get anything out of John Frusciante’s guitar playing,” Hawkins said, addressing the negative comments he receives from RHCP fans whenever he talks about the band on his podcast. “I feel like we can call Mark Knopfler [of Dire Straits] an underrated player, I would describe John Frusciante as an overrated player. Actually, I’ve done that, more than once. “

Regarding his specific doubts about Frusciante’s style, Hawkins shows some guitar notes on a nearby acoustic: “He didn’t give me any… [single note vibrato]; he’s like this… [single note without vibrato].”

To back up that point, Finnerty cited Frusciante’s “dinky” guitar solos Californication as Hawkins explained.

“Someone told me it was intentionally minimalist,” Hawkins continued. “Maybe it’s like the thing where you become a super-accomplished painter and start doing some silly childlike daubings, and that’s your phase. I think that’s probably one of the things that he explored, but it doesn’t stop it from being shit.

The Darkness frontman also clarified that his opinion of Frusciante does not come from jealousy of the RHCP guitarist’s success. “It’s always like, ‘You’re jealous because he’s sold more records than you.’ And it’s like, well, Mark Knopfler has sold more, more, more records than me, and I’m not jealous of him. I love his guitar playing. So that argument doesn’t really hold any water.

Hawkins went on to praise Frusciante’s tone and choice of guitars — his collection of “old, old, old” Fender Stratocasters — but the compliments ended there.

You can watch the full clip of Hawkins and Finnerty discussing Frusciante’s guitar playing below.

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