The Deadly Attraction of Paramount+’s Teaser Trailer: Some Lines Can’t Be Crossed

Above all + finally revealed the first Deadly Attraction teaser trailer for the upcoming series adaptation of the classic 1987 thriller of the same name. It will be available for streaming on April 30, with the first two episodes.

the Deadly Attraction The teaser shows Lizzy Caplan’s Alex Forrest and Joshua Jackson’s Dan Gallagher as they enter into a forbidden relationship after a passionate encounter in an elevator. It also highlights the awkward tension of Alex’s first meeting with Dan’s wife, Amanda Peet’s Beth Gallagher.

the Deadly Attraction series is written and executive produced by Dirty Johnby Alexandra Cunningham, who also serves as showrunner. Kevin J. Hynes, Darryl Frank, and Justin Falvey are set to executive produce. The additional cast features Alyssa Jirrels as Ellen Gallagher, Toby Huss as Mike Gerard, Reno Wilson as Detective Earl Booker, and Brian Goodman as Arthur Tomlinson.

“A profound reimagining of the classic psychosexual thriller and ’80s cultural touchstone, the new series will explore deadly attraction and the timeless themes of marriage and infidelity, through the lens of of modern attitudes toward strong women, personality disorders, and control disorders,” reads the synopsis. “Caplan stars as a woman obsessed with her lover after a brief affair.”

The original film was directed by Adrian Lyne and was based on a 1980 short film Diversion. It stars Michael Douglas, Glenn Close, and Anne Archer. The 1987 film was not only a box office success but also garnered critical acclaim with six Oscar nominations, including Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actress for Close, and Best Supporting Actress for Archer.

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