The End of Scream Was Only One Filmed Despite Many Written Versions

Exclusive: Scream 2022 writer, James Vanderbilt, reveals that despite writing multiple endings for the film, only one has been filmed.

The end of the latest installment of Yelling The franchise is the same that was filmed, despite the fact that several endings were written. After more than a decade of waiting, Yelling Fans were finally treated to a new film in a franchise that first started in 1996. The original Yelling under the direction of Wes Craven and was written by Kevin Williamson, and in the following years, the duo collaborated on three sequels, with Craven directing all four.

In addition to its unique approach to being a horror film that actively mocks horror films, the Yelling The franchise is easily known for its intricately woven designs, all working to hide the identities of the ever-changing Ghostface killer. Even if some entries make the job of guessing the killers easier than others, fans won’t get enough of trying to figure out who killed and why. The prelude to having two assassins is set in the first film-a skillfully crafted twist that surprised and delighted audiences who were deceived by the film’s final revelation. As in the production of Yelling Beginning in 2022, this desire to keep things as impressive as possible is strictly followed, with multiple versions at the end of the film reportedly being written to avoid leaks and spoilers.


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While talking recently to Yelling 2022 writer, James Vanderbilt, Screen Rant obtained exclusive information on how to handle the additional endings in terms of filming. As is well known, although there are many endings to prevent potential spoilers from ruining the film for fans before it hits theaters, directors Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett did in a relatively economical decision to just shoot at one end. As Vanderbilt explains, this decision was also in part due to the making of the film that took place in the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. Read what Vanderbilt has to say below:

Then when it comes to production, we shoot COVID so, we don’t have much extra time, not that you ever do on a movie. But the ending we shot was just the last we shot.

singgit 5 ​​ghostface

While it’s good to know that writing multiple endings is likely an effective way to prevent the script (and spoilers) from circulating online, many fans will no doubt be disappointed that the additional endings not shot. If they were shot, the possibility of adding them to a Blu-ray release would have been a lot more fun. However, the reviews for the new film are very promising, with a good job being done to keep the audience’s guesswork until the very end. Craven’s death makes the future of the franchise uncertain, but coming on Yelling 2022, it appears that there are plenty of opportunities to not only continue the series, but also to ensure that it follows in Craven’s legacy.

It will also be interesting to consider if some of the additional finishes can be tweaked to be used in succession Yelling sequel, if it becomes a fact. The idea of ​​continuing the franchise has already been discussed by Bettinelli-Olpin and Gillett, though how credible the idea of ​​many films is likely to depend on how well it has done with this latest installation. With positive reviews from fans and critics, though, it seems that audiences will be predicting about the birth of the series ’future killers in the near future.

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  • Scream 5 (2022)Release date: Jan 14, 2022

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