The Falcon & Winter Soldier Crew Praises Sam’s Captain America Suit

Falcon and Winter soldier director Kari Skogland said the cast and crew applauded Anthony Mackie’s first release in the new suit.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier The crew applauded when they first saw Captain America’s new Sam suit on set. After six action -packed episodes, Disney + The Falcon and the Winter Soldier officially ended last week. The series first premiered in mid -March and followed the adventures of Sam Wilson / Falcon (Anthony Mackie) and Bucky Barnes / Winter Soldier (Sebastian Stan). The show is scheduled about six months after the events of Avengers: Endgame, when Sam was first handed the shield of Captain America. The series also introduces new faces, including Wyatt Russell’s John Walker, who was appointed by the government to be the new Captain America after Sam turned it down.

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The series centers on the heart of Sam’s struggle as he struggles with the idea of ​​being given the shield and becoming the new face of Captain America as a Black man. completion John failed to hold on to the mantle in a respectful and responsible way like Steve Rogers, who became a bloodthirsty murderer, took him to the title. It finally left Sam to grow up and become the new Captain America-and of course it meant a new suit, thanks to Wakanda. In the final episode, Sam reveals himself to the world as the new Captain America, delivering a new suit that delights fans who stay true to the plot from the comics. While Sam’s Captain America suit has the same color spectrum of red, white and blue, although much more white than blue, it also has elements of his Falcon suit, including wings. As fans cheered when they saw Sam in his new suit, it was obviously equally exciting for the cast and crew.

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Speaking to Fandom, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Director Kari Skogland, recalls a strong moment set when Mackie showed off his new Captain America suit for the first time. Skogland said the cast and crew applauded when they saw Mackie in a new suit. “If Anthony walked into the set wearing it and really carried the shield and just made it natural, natural, as far as I can remember, we were all cheering. It was a beautiful time for everyone.” Said Skogland.

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The end of the penultimate episode mocks Sam for receiving his new suit from Wakanda, showing him opening a box that Bucky gave him. While viewers thought it was his new Captain America suit, there was still a big chance in the finale episode of Sam flying with his new armor.

While Sam actually has a lot of shoes to fill, the latter shows that Sam appears comfortable and natural in his new armor. What makes the new suit even more special is that it is perfect mix of Captain America and Falcon, so Sam retains his original identity. No wonder the cast and crew were both moved to see Mackie in the new suit like fans.

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