The Fatal Frame Is Back … As a Slot Machine

The photography-based survival series will receive a new installment, but sadly in the form of a slot machine.

The terrific series focuses on photo -focused photography Deadly Frame returned in the form of a pachislot slot machine. The first installment of the acclaimed horror franchise was released in 2001 and has grown to many successful sequels. The latest installment in the series, Fatal Frame: Black Water Girl, released in 2015 for Nintendo’s Wii U.

Next to nothing is heard of Deadly Frame franchise since its last release, leaving many fans in doubt about the upcoming photography series. In 2020 series producer Keisuke Kikuchi announced his intends to make a play in the series, but he also explained that the final decision rests with Nintendo. The series ’rapid popularity will always result in a rebirth for the franchise, but low sales in each round can make the video game giant spend any resources on a niche title.

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A new trailer has been released for a new one Deadly Frame game of the YouTube, but unfortunately, the game will take a pachislot machine. Pachislots is a form of slot machine that is commonly found in Japan, along with pachinko machines, in casino -like pachinko parlors. Siliconera reports that Yamasa Next corporation will oversee the development of a new slot machine that is expected to feature upscaled versions of cinematics from the franchise’s games. The release of Deadly Frame The pachislot machine is intended to coincide with the twentieth anniversary of the release of the first game.

Deadly FrameResurrection as a slot machine is likely to infuriate awful fans hoping for a new lead in the franchise. However, those looking for a new horror title can be terrified to watch the recently released Bad Village to the resident for help. The eighth main entry in the long -running series is there received high praise from critics, with particular attention given to the combat system and atmosphere of the game. The first-person perspective of the game is said to perfectly combine with a more action-oriented approach, completely immersing the players in the titular village and perfectly playing to the power of the franchise. Unfortunately, the companion icon is horrible Silent Hill has not yet received a successful resurrection. The last game of the series, Silent Hill: Rain, released in 2012 and Konami’s withdrawal from E3 2021 fans ’hopes for the revelation in the upcoming installment have been dashed.

Deadly Frame an imaginative and much-loved horror horror franchise that needs a new release-even if caught in a strange licensing limbo between Koei Tecmo and Nintendo. The announcement of a franchise-compliant pachislot machine will be interesting, but likely to disappoint those waiting for a truly new game. Fans can only hope that the announcement will Deadly Frame The slot machine is the first of many announcements coming up in its twentieth year.

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