The final Choco Tacos will be given away through a digital scavenger hunt

It’s been a long time goodbye for Choco Taco, but the end of the road is near. And Klondike made sure that the sweet treat will be a viral sensation until the end.

The Unilever-owned company will give away the last 100 Choco Tacos in a digital scavenger hunt starting Sept.

On that date, ice cream fanatics can go Klondike’s Instagram feedwhere they encounter a puzzle—a series of different emojis that, when deciphered, send people to new Instagram handle, where they will face another series of clues.

In total, there are seven different handles—and the first 100 people to find them all will be able to solve the master puzzle and open the so-called “digital freezer,” which will win them a Choco Tacos.

Klondike says this is the end of the product in its inventory.

Unilever, when the move was announced, said an “unprecedented increase in demand” and supply chain issues forced it to discontinue Choco Taco and other products. It has always been said that this is not a publicity stunt, but after the backlash from fans, it is recognized by The Wall Street Journal that it’s “check the options to restore it.”

There are certainly plenty of white knights willing to help the company do this, perhaps none bigger than Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian, who made an offer to take over the production to pay attention.

Choco Taco was created by Alan Drazen about 40 years ago, who worked at Jack & Jill Ice Cream Co. in 1983.

During a slow period, he presented the idea to his boss, who immediately agreed to the concept. While a marketing firm was hired to name the product, Drazen came up with the name. It soon became a hit with ice cream trucks and eventually struck a deal with Taco Bell for distribution.

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