The Final Punchlist (About Another Week!)

I have some exciting news! Bathroom countertops will be installed on MONDAY! I am very excited. I feel like a kid on Christmas Eve. I mean, this bathroom project has been going on for a long time now (a fact I make no apologies for Matt and I finally have a life outside of our house now after over a decadeand we both thoroughly enjoyed it), but installing the countertops really felt like this project was officially coming to a halt.

So I went back to the last “to do” list I made for this bathroom to see how far I’ve come, and what really needs to be done. I made the list in April, and then I went through the list in July and checked off a lot of the things I had done before. And here is the status of the list now…

  1. Finish the crown molding and trim around the mural wall – sand, caulk, prime, and paint (It’s done!)
  2. Install the last row of tiles around the shower ceiling (It’s done!)
  3. Install the door between the bathroom and the home gym (It’s done!)
  4. Cut through that door (It’s done!)
  5. Create two vanities
  6. Build the “dresser” between the vanities
  7. Make a “chandelier” and install it above the bathtub (It’s done!)
  8. Build a cabinet for the toilet area (It’s done!)
  9. Paint the walls and ceiling of the toilet area (It’s done!)
  10. Place the baseboards in the toilet area – caulk, prime and paint (It’s done!)
  11. Have the bathtub, tub faucet, and toilet installed (It’s done!)
  12. Hang the shower curtain in the shower (yes, I decided to use one) (It’s done!)
  13. Order countertops for vanities
  14. Place the sinks
  15. Finish the pipe in the sinks
  16. Install wainscoting on the lower walls
  17. Finish all remaining trim (doors, windows, wainscoting) – full of wood, sand, caulk, prime, and paint
  18. Hang another vanity mirror
  19. Decide on privacy (window treatments? glass film?) for windows and doors

Here’s how everything looked this weekend, and as I count down these last few days of working on this bathroom project.

Bathing is usually done for a while now. It works perfectly as it is, but I still need to finish the shower curtains so they don’t scratch the floor.

And everything needs to be cleaned, obviously. The floor is not very brown. That’s just dust. 😀 There is a coating of dust on all things in this room, so everything needs to be cleaned.

In the first place, I’m really down to wainscoting (which includes a tile accent) and trim. And once I get the door painted and that plastic off the glass panes, I’ll add privacy film to the glass on both bedroom doors.

Then there are the small details, such as installing sconce shades, hanging another mirror, installing switch plates and outlet covers, etc.

The storage cabinet drawers still need a second sanding and a second coat of Rubio Monocoat. The cabinet sides and the vanities are done.

The toilet area is finished. It just needs to be cleaned thoroughly as it has a coating of dust all over it.

And I need to get the A/C vent cover off the ceiling.

On the other hand, I didn’t do much with the wainscoting, but at least there was some progress.

And while you can’t see it, I need to change the trim on the floor behind the bathtub. At first I used regular shoe molding, but when I was working on the water closet, I decided that shoe molding wasn’t going to cut it, so I upgraded to a nicer trim to go through the floor. I still haven’t changed behind the tub. That required uninstalling the faucet and moving the bathtub out of the way, which is exactly why I stopped doing that. 😀

So aside from the wainscoting and the second coat of Rubio Monocoat on the storage cabinet, the rest is just a bunch of small, daunting projects that seem like they should be quick and easy to finish, and yet they take a lot of time and make. that the end of a room renovation drags on for what seems like forever.

But, oh my goodness, Monday is going to be an exciting day! The countertops, then the sinks, then the pipes, and then all the pipes in this room really work. It looks like a real, actual bathroom! 😀

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