‘The Foundations Of Decay’ By My Chemical Romance: Song of the Week

Song of the Week broke down and talked about the song that we can’t get out of our heads every week. Find these songs and more with us Spotify Top Songs playlist. For our favorite new songs from new artists, check out our New Sounds on Spotify playlist. This week, My Chemical Romance returns.

My Chemical Romance re-entered the chat: after eight years and a long hiatus, emo icons are finally back with a new song, the flooding and burning “The Foundations of Corruption. ”

Their last album, 2010’s Days of Danger: The Real Life of the Amazing Killjoys, marks a maximalist combination of some of their most readily available material with a dystopian story line, and it’s easy for MCR to regain their positions as unique pop rock. (This is a band that has become more prestigious and famous over time; the full reaction of the two has been postponed by My Chemical Romance. reunion tour and the new post-Warped Tour festival Sa Bata Pa Ta suggesting that the gap they left was not filled. It’s a band that thousands are still watching, a relic of a time that has never been lost-it’s only recently renewed and evolved.)

And yet, it’s unbelievably brave for My Chemical Romance to come back with a song like “The Foundations of Decay,” to prove that they, too, are changing and evolving. The band sounds really rude and weathered, selling some of the contemporary light on their past two records for a more progressive rock style that puts them closer to Coheed and Cambria and various posts. -hardcore outfits than their counterparts in 2000s pop punk auteurs.

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