The Future of OC Sales Revealed

Netflix knows a hot property when they see it.

On January 18, the streamer confirmed that Sales of OCthe Orange County-set spinoff of Selling at sunset, has a second and third season. This is not entirely surprising, because the Adam DiVello-produced docusoap series have become headlines for on- and off-camera drama.

Season one seen Selling at sunsetof Jason and Brett Oppenheim expanding their real estate empire into the luxurious Southern California community of Orange County. And while there are many real estate theaters unfolding, it’s the personal lives of new realtors that take center stage. In particular, the drama around Kayla Cardona trying to kiss then-married co-star Tyler Stanland during the work outing. What’s worse, it’s not the first time Kayla made a move on Tylerwho is married to the actress Brittany Snow.

However, he wasn’t the only one in the hot seat with Tyler. Alex Hall and Polly BrindleEnemies of the Oppenheim Group Alexandra Jarvis and Alexandra Rose accused the couple of hypocrites, saying the women also acted inappropriately toward Tyler—which both women denied.

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