The Giant Bomb Lost with Alex Navarro, Brad Shoemaker, & Vinny Caravella

Giant Bomb personalities Alex Navarro, Brad Shoemaker, and Vinny Caravella will leave the website later this week, leaving only 4 employees.

Giant Bomb Members Alex Navarro, Brad Shoemaker, and Vinny Caravella announced that they will be leaving the beloved website on Friday, May 7. The three left the company with only 4 employees remaining, along with co-founder Jeff Gerstman, and leave the company in a confusing and strange place for many fans.

Giant Bomb has made a name for itself over the years as a ridiculous origin of video game coverage. The site combines an incredible amount of gaming industry knowledge with quiet and unreasonable humor to provide a balanced presentation and overall creation of the content. Gerstman co -founded Giant Bomb after a scandal in a GameSpot to review on Kane and Lynch where he was fired for giving the game a little more than stellar scrutiny. Management is said to have been forced to push Gerstman, who will lead the rest GameSpot employees, such as Shoemaker, Caravella, and Navarro, who left the company in protest.

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Several months later in 2008, the Giant Bomb group started, and it became a trailblazer for the industry. Now, a season is over because many Giant Bomb members are leaving. No reason was given as to why the three longtime personalities would leave the company, but some suspect it was because of the Giant Bomb acquired by new conglomerate Red Ventures. It’s unclear if Giant Bomb will continue to maintain its iconic status included in E3 this year or in the coming years, but Gerstman has plans for the future of the Giant Bomb. He recorded in a statement (via GameSpot) that the company is talking to new manufacturers.

There is a collective vision for what the future of Giant Bomb is and it consists of familiar and new faces. We’ve already talked to the makers so we can start the next chapter. We are fully aware that this marks a major change and we use it as an opportunity to rethink what this site is all about. It’s a chance to introduce new personalities from different backgrounds and explore categories and topics that we haven’t had before.

Despite its predecessor controversy over GameSpot, Giant Bomb was able to finally change in some way as the two shared an office and were under the same parent company. GameSpot The staff regularly shows up on Giant Bomb shows and as such it becomes even more famous as Giant Bomb tries to fill the void in the immediate future.

It’s not clear what the plans are for the three to leave the company, but they may be able to stay in the playing field. Giant Bomb may feel a lot different going forward, and it will continue to see how much support its fan base will have without most of the main personalities.

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