The Greatest Innovation Daisy Jones and the Six Made in the Book

As in Taylor Jenkins Reidby 2019, novel, Daisy Jones (Riley Keough) and Billy Dunne (Sam Claflin) meet for the first time in a recording studio when he brought her to a duet with him in Daisy Jones and the Six TV series. However, the circumstances are a bit different in the adaptation of Amazon Prime Video. First, The Six have recorded their sophomore album in the book, which has never been off their label like the show.

But the biggest change was also a subtle one: Daisy didn’t rewrite the love song’s lyrics, just changed the way she sang them, making “questions as opposed to statements,” per Billy on the page. Their first-and climactic-introduction is just as tense and exciting in both versions and is a defining moment for the band, not to mention a sober Billy.

“Billy wrote songs trying to tell himself he had everything under control,” says keyboardist Karen in the book. “And in about two minutes of singing, Daisy pulled the tablecloth from under her dishes.”

After their recording session, a worried Billy calls his wife Camila (Camila Morrone) to tell him that it was a “terrible” experience, despite everyone in the studio acknowledging that they had witnessed something special. In the book, the singer also complained to Camila, who told him, “It’s not real life, Billy. It’s a song. Don’t get bent out of shape.”

Still, “I couldn’t help it,” Billy explained. “I don’t like that Daisy is doing the lines of questioning and I don’t like that she feels entitled to do it.”

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