The Guardians of the New King of Galaxy space is a Funny Twist

Guardians of the Galaxy takes on the fight of the new King of space, only to be met with a ridiculous (and beautifully terrifying) shy twist.

Warning: there is an internal preview of Galaxy Guardians # 14!

In the upcoming issue of Marvel Comics on Guardians of the Galaxy, the newly allowed cosmic protectors of the universe have to deal with a ridiculous change with the arrival of Marvel’s King of Space. In the most recent issue, Doctor Doom tried to claim Star-Sword by Emperor Hulkling for himself, believing that he was entitled to it purely because of his much -expressed ego. Since there is no way Hulkling and the rest of the Guardians can just take the bed, Doom orchestrates in a completely crazy way to get what he wants.

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on Galaxy Guardians # 13, the Guardians of the Galaxy debuted as the official hero of the space, serves as cosmic equivalent of the Avengers at the behest of the Galactic Council, even if they could still call their own shots. After negotiating with enemies known as the Progenitors attacking the Kree / Skrull throneworld, it is revealed that they were sent by Doctor Doom himself, making a good intrusion on the Guardians, who he clearly saw were under him. While the teasers suggest that Doom could be a strange ally in the team of heroes, it looks like he’s a typical villain himself.

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Now, a preview of Marvel Comics on Galaxy Guardians # 14 from writer Al Ewing and actor John Frigeri saw Doctor Doom using Excelsior the Star-Sword, believing he was the one who should new King of the Space. However, the sword itself seems to know who this wielder really is, returning to Hulkling’s hand. In response, Doctor Doom unleashes a strangely bizarre attack. Enjoy the issue summary and preview pages below:

AN ENTIRE GALAXY IN TROUBLE! Like half of the team defending Kree / Skrull Throneworld against a much more dangerous threat than they have faced before … the other half is investigating a terrifying cult sacrifice of a mysterious planet … with the power to invade the universe at war. Also: A new hero in space … with… the tem … Impossible.

Guardians-Galaxy-14-Cover-Image (1)
Guardians-Galaxy-14-Cover-Image-preview-page 2

Like the change in Teddy’s face to be that of the Latverian dictator, it looks like Doctor Doom has transferred bodies with the real King of Space. However, Doom admits that his purpose is noble, requiring the Star-Sword to prevent a kind of imminent threat that he believes only he can prevent. Along with the synopsis, likely after an initial fight with Doom residing in Hulkling’s body, he can convince the Guardians to have more of a chance to join their team and work together.

Although it all ended with the release of the issue on May 12, the look on Hulkling’s face that changed Doctor Doom’s style was a bit wacky, even if there’s reason to think the fact that the alien emperor is half transfer to Skrull form; a physical power The rule becomes a master immediately. It was a damning way for the ruler of Latveria to introduce himself to this new team of powerful heroes, and possibly Doctor Doom apil sa Guardians of the Galaxy will be as if the team is willing to accept him as if he is willing to share the burden of any terrible threat that comes his way.

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