The Horrible Crimes That Inspire Women Telling Stories

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“This has happened so many times, I’ve lost count,” Sarah Guenterwho said she was repeatedly attacked in her home, as well as her two daughters, Vice saidwho produced the 2013 documentary The Ghost Rape of Bolivia. The women woke up with dirt on their sheets and felt pain “out there,” she recalled. (Vice noted that the names of the abuse and rape victims have been changed at their request.)

Embarrassed and believing that this happened only at their home, they did not tell anyone at first. But when Guenter confided in her sisters, it wasn’t a secret for long.

“No one believed him,” said a former neighbor Peter Fehr Vice said. “We think he did it to hide a relationship.”

But Guenter’s emerging story also means that many women in the Manitoba Colony are speaking out about their own experiences of waking up in agony, with blood, dirt and fingerprints on their bodies, strands of rope still clinging. on the wrists and ankles. Some have vague memories of crying before losing consciousness.

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