The Invincible Creator Laughs Season 2 at the Future & Potential Redemption of the Omni-Man Season

The Omni-Man left Earth and flew into the ocean of space during the last Invincible in 1, but Robert Kirkman revealed that that wasn’t the last time we saw him.

Warning: Spoilers for Invincible season 1 and the end of the bottom!

After his son Mark Grayson was nearly killed in Invincible finally, Omni-Man leaves Earth and tries to get away from space, but Robert Kirkman laughs that it won’t be the last Nolan Grayson’s audience will see. With the former hero leaving his home and family, it remains to be seen what comes next for Viltrumite following his face in Invincible. The series was produced by Robert Kirkman, who also wrote the comic alongside Cory Walker and Ryan Ottley featured on the Amazon Prime Video show.

While initially portrayed as a hero and ally of the Guardians of the Globe, Omni-Man is revealed to be a vicious assassin who violently wiped out the superteam in the first installment of the animated series. On the whole Invincible season 1, the true purpose of Omni-Man as a superpowered creature is clearly a villain, but the reason is not immediately explained. In the season 1 ending of the show, Omni-Man is revealed to be a monster to his son, while killing hundreds of innocent people in their fight with Mark, while there is yet another blow from the Invincible murder.

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on Invincible finally, the Omni-Man tells Mark why he first came to Earth. In fact, he lied to his family and most of the public by saying that his race, the Viltrumites, came to help Earth, when in fact, he served as a scout for the warrior who conquered the planets. He came to Earth to explore the planet before the Viltrumites attack. When he reveals that to Mark, he is asked to come with him, and he is told that his mother has nothing to do with him, the two fighting invincibly are about to die. The Omni-Man will fly into space, likely returning to his planet earth. But what does his departure from the show mean? We spoke to Kirkman, who says it won’t be the last time you’ll see the villain as he adds that he wonders if Omni-Man will be redeemed.

I think that’s the question. I love redeeming characters in so many different series, and I think it’s a tough route to travel. Especially when you see the things Nolan has done, thinking of him as a kind and caring father or husband doesn’t feel right at this point. But I want a challenge, so let’s see.

The answer to The potential redemption of Omni-Man is in the comics (which we haven’t spoiled here). That said, given the number of changes Kirkman and the team behind the show have made to the source material, the comics may not be exactly how the show will continue. Kirkman acknowledged on Screen Rant that this won’t be the last time we see Nolan Grayson, he said There are times, it won’t be the last we see him. “

When to see The next Omni-Man in future seasons is unknown, but Kirkman confirmed that the end is not the last they see Nolan Grayson is good news. The character is a strange villain whose emotions prevent him from killing the Invincible, showing that redemption is possible, even if it is difficult because of the atrocities he has committed. Also, a lot of JK Simmons starring in the role in future seasons is definitely a good thing. Invincible Season 1 is now available to stream Amazon Prime Video.

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