The Joy of Anticipation | Jim Daly

When was the last time you waited for something… and you were happy about it?

We often think of waiting as an obstacle, something that stands between us and whatever it is that we anxiously await. As it turns out, waiting is essential to happiness.

A Dutch study concluded that people who have a vacation to look forward to are happier than people who don’t. Although that conclusion seems obvious, it shows that the anticipation leading up to an event is the key to filling that event with joy and happiness.

My own family discovered this to be true. One of our favorite summer activities is camping. The great outdoors is popular here in Colorado, so we plan our trips months in advance. And then the real fun begins. Throughout the winter and spring, excitement slowly built. By the time summer gets here, the whole family is boiling. We’ve learned that looking forward to our summer getaways is part of the fun.

When a special occasion is on your horizon and anticipation is building, don’t rush your feelings. Settle in and enjoy the wait. Anticipation is the key to bringing that moment alive with purpose, joy, and wonder.

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