The Last of Us Episode 7 Images Preview Left Of Adaptation

The next episode of The Last of Us is set to tackle the game’s “Left Behind” DLC, and explore Ellie’s (Bella Ramsey) life before the epidemic that sent the world into chaos. Warner Bros. Discovery recently released a set of images to prepare fans for what they will see.

The new images show Ellie and Riley (played by Storm Reid in the episode) as they explore an abandoned mall, similar to the actions that take place in the DLC. Also included in the pictures are pictures of Ellie lying in bed, as well as sitting in front of a table and looking very unhappy.

See new pictures for The Last of Us episode 7, “Left Behind,” below:

Release HBO Max The Last of Us Episode 7 at 9 pm ET/6 pm PT on Sunday, February 26. Hosted by Liza Johnson from a script written by Neil Druckmann, the episode is titled “Left Behind.” Johnson’s credits include episodes of many popular shows, including American Horror Story, Silicon Valleyand What We Do in the Shadows. While HBO Max has yet to release an official synopsis for the episode, fans who have played the game already know that “Left Behind” will feature an important part of Ellie’s story.

“The live-action series takes place 20 years after the destruction of modern civilization,” reads the series’ synopsis. “Joel and Ellie, a couple connected by the brutality of the world they live in, are forced to endure brutal conditions and brutal killers on a journey across a post-pandemic America.”

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