The Last of Us Storm Reid: Who is Riley?

The Last of Us Episode 7 took a detour from the series’ main storyline to explore Ellie Williams’ past, introducing the critical figure of Riley. In “Left Behind,” Riley helps shed light on Ellie’s character and motivations as part of the tragic backstory of Joel’s traveling companion. It all started with the friendship between Bella Ramsey’s Ellie and Riley.

Who Portrayed Riley in The Last of Us

Storm Reid portrays Riley in the commercial hit on HBO Max The Last of Us consecutively. Reid starred in the critically acclaimed film 12 Years A Slave (2013) at the age of ten before making a name for himself thanks to his efforts in Ava DuVernay’s adaptation of the classic novel A Wrinkle in Time (2018). The 20-year-old’s credits include horror films Don’t Leave (2019) and another acclaimed HBO series, Euphoria (2019–present).

Riley makes his first appearance The Last of Us Episode 7. Introduced as a 16-year-old girl who left the FEDRA boarding school, she is Ellie’s best friend. The story shows how Riley and Ellie spend a night in an abandoned shopping mall playing arcade games, reading the No Pun intended books, carousel rides, and drinking that represent a kind of normal life for two teenagers in the post-apocalyptic world they live in. The episode also heavily implied that there was more to the friendship between Ellie and Riley. That being said, it was no surprise when Ellie finally summoned her courage and kissed her friend.

In short, Riley chose to join the Fireflies after FEDRA assigned him to sewer duty. He then tries to convince his friend to join the Fireflies, but Ellie doesn’t seem too tempted by the anarchist – or freedom-fighting, if you prefer – act. Riley also reveals that she is going to Atlanta for the assignment, asking Ellie to follow her. After confessing her feelings, Ellie convinces Riley to stay.

Much to the girls’ dismay, their fun night at the mall awakens an Infected, who attacks the two friends. Ellie and Riley fight before Ellie stabs the enemy to death. The victory came at a high price, however, because both women were bitten by the beast. The story came out without revealing what happened to the injured, but the only known survivor of the cordyceps infection was Ellie, so what happened next is pretty obvious…

Riley in the Video Game

Riley is one of the characters introduced in the The Last of Us‘ downloadable content titled LEFT, released in 2014. Unlike other seasons, the HBO Max series has changed very little about the character’s background. Riley and Ellie become best friends while living at a military boarding school in Boston. In the play, she is voiced by Yaani King.

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