The Legend of Firelily Cast Stars Jamie Bernadette as Shay Walker

Actress Jamie Bernadette will star in the upcoming series The Legend of Firelily. Bernadette (I Spit Your Grave: Deja Vu) will lead actress Shay Walker, whose life served as the inspiration for the 10 -episode series.

The Legend of Firelily is currently in production under the direction of Christian Hardy (The pan). It examines how Walker overcame sexual abuse by clergy and finds justice over the decades representing himself in court against his abuser. Hardy was nominated for best cinematography at the Nice International Film Festival 2020 for his work Empire.

Walker, who is best known for starring in Benh Zeitin’s traveler as Angela Darling and Bloody Nose with empty pockets of the Ross brothers, Zeitin discovered while waiting at the tables in a dining room. The Leends of Firelily written, directed, and produced by Walker, which also appears in the series. The film also stars Gary Grubbs (The X-Files), Mike Markoff (Death Squad), Dwight Henry (12 Years A Slave), Jeanne Young (Free at Home)and Dallas Schaefer (Boytalk),

“Leaving home due to sexual abuse at the age of 14, Walker built his‘ family ’from a cast of characters who taught him the ropes of being a drug mule, with the help of a bookie, a bartender, waitress, cook and anything that pays. the fees, ”the description says.“ He buried his entire family on the street with his mother killed as well as his brother. What’s more, the actress is also in a relationship that ended in severe abuse of malicious malware hacking technology. Her husband is behind the mirrored screens in a digital nightmare.

The Legend of Firelily is now in the networks.

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